The Monn family in 1941 in front the store in Bellinzona: Carlo, Francesco and Emilia.

A result of the commitment and passion of three generations, Monn today represents one of the most successful commercial and business enterprises in Canton Ticino and the whole of Switzerland. Founded by Carlo and Emilia Monn in 1921, with the acquisition of the shop of “cloth and retail manufactures” situated in the Resinelli building in Bellinzona, the activity, starting from the Nineteen Seventies, expands considerably under the guidance of Francesco, whose initiative and innovative spirit are today the special qualities of the children Carola, Emilio and Francesca, who with ability and perspicacity guide the company.

With its refined and up-to-date four sales points (Bellinzona,Chiasso, Locarno and Lugano), Monn therefore depicts itself as a proposal of excellence in the field of class clothing both nationally and internationally. Two areas that each hold, on their own, considerable importance. Because although its true that the Italian and German clientele represents an important component, it is necessary on the other and to underline that great satisfaction comes typically from the local clientele who recognize in the style "Monn” shared and long lasting values. 

The attention towards new trends in the context of fashion and clothing results obvious from the first contact with the sale store windows of Monn. The presence of international brands marked by an innovative line oriented towards a young public harmonizes with the more classical proposals and the continuity in the offer of basic products, always within a frame of extreme attention to the quality of the textiles and wearability. This flexibility to changing times has long been well understood by customers, so much so that more and more people from different generations - and often of the same family -, find in the Monn stores the ideal dimension for finding their own style, of elegance and class. In this sense, the profile of Monn as a family run business represents not only an element of pure historiographical or sociological interest but is configured as a concrete factor of guarantee in the selection of clothes, screened directly and with the utmost care by Carola and Francesca Monn.

Purchasing a garment in a Monn store, apart from representing a gratifying experience for the customer – from clothes to accessories the choice includes over 3000 articles of the most prestigious brands of the sector-, entails finally the possibility to access a correct policy of pricing that, apart from the traditional proposals of sales and price reductions, aims at offering basic prices that are fair and certainly competitive compared to that proposed by commercial retailers based in Italy. A very important aspect is represented by the reception and experience that the Monn personnel are able to guarantee the customers. - Kindness and courtesy therefore, but also a high level of competence and ability to provide advice both technical and aesthetic, in a stately atmosphere but always characterized by a friendly climate. The selection of and the relationship with the employees, formed in an awareness of operating in a dimension that is family but also cosmopolitan and the highest quality, represents a factor pursued with care and sensitivity by Carola, Emilio and Francesca. Also in times of economic difficulty the key to success of the Monn stores is therefore attributable to an articulated set of factors, in addition to the structure itself, identifiable in that particular "family governance" with which they clearly defined roles and responsibilities. The winning solution to avoid crises and ensure the recognition and appreciation of the local and international public.