By searching for the best productive sources, the Monn family wishes to make available to its clients, through its different points of sale, textile garment products, hosiery and accessories at the best quality price balance possible.

A rigorous management, enforced with respect to economizing its activities, permits systematically to adopt reasonable and honest margins, which demonstrate sensibility to currency fluctuations and the ability to effect the necessary corrections in the shortest time possible.

The promotion of a culture of quality and targeted purchases that reflect a medium-long term vision, link to a consideration of the dynamics of overproduction to create a policy directed towards a containment of unjustified consumption.

The commercial activity and the selection of products practiced by the Monn family is an expression of an approach that is sensible to the themes of sustainable development and the environment, with the adoption of all the necessary measures during the phases of production, logistics and distribution.

The company operates with the objective of stimulating and favouring the areas of production that are penalized by current economic conditions, but which have a strong identity and characterized by a robust manual-industrial tradition. An approach that aims at defending and propagating the production of articles not necessarily destined for a global market.

Update, the participation in all the most important fairs and exhibitions of the sector ensures that the brands proposed, favour a stimulating internal rotation and a constant variety of products offered. This allows offering products that are current, demonstrating at the same time our constant re-activeness to the market and its evolution.

Every client that steps into one of our sale points is always considered as our best client to whom we offer a service of quality, based on the correctness and competence of our employees, in addition to the range and depth of our offer.

In this framework, it is indispensable to guarantee an internal policy towards our employees that is ultra-modern, both from a social as well as an economically attractive viewpoint. 

The substantial advantages offered to the clients, in terms of our competitive stability and capacity as well as our ethic values, represents an element of distinction with respect to our competitors active in the sector.

In conclusion, it is important to remember the economic impact that Monn generates with its activities: in particular, the artisans, the media and the different local companies, to whom the different mandates related to communications and the maintenance of the spaces occupied by the company are entrusted.